Post Sales Consulting

Of course, once the PC has been installed to desk or your server installed into the rack, there is the issue of keeping it working.  With more than 20 years experience in support client networks, servers and business process, Computerworld are ideally suited to offer organisations of varying sizes, the assistance they need to continue operating.

Post Sales support is handled through our help desk, where calls can be logged by telephone, or on-line and by email out of hours.  It is our goal to respond to calls within a maximum of 4 working hours, or in the case of critical failures even sooner. 

However, many of our calls are often related to issues such as “how do I add a new user” or “should I install a Service Pack” which we will always strive to answer immediately.

For more information on how Computerworld Wales can help you in the management of your server and storage estate, check out the section marked Managed Services, or contact your account manager on 029 2033 3000.