the beating heart of every Enterprise, large or small.

ServersIt's almost as pervasive as the network, as in most cases, without it the network would either cease to exist or serve little purpose.

To the SME it's a business imperative, It hosts the financials, sales and marketing documents and quotes, customer lists, databases, quality systems, anti virus and anti spam, intranets and portals, and email systems. The larger enterprise will have many more installed, and may well have multiple servers tasked with single applications, but are none the less vital. Although the quantity, specification and price may well vary, there is no doubt that without its services we cannot function.

Although PC systems and Notebooks have become much more of a commodity, the same cannot be said of the Server. Care is still exercised in defining the specification of a server, matching its area of activity to a set of performance fundamentals. When selecting a server the price becomes a mere component in the determination of Value.

When we consider a server we expect it to operate 24 x 7 x 365, have uptime statistics of 99.99%, we expect minimum intervention to its operation, except for the occasional reboot to show it we still care.

With the above in mind we have focused our attention on working with the market leaders in the server market, IBM and HP. It is their attention to detail, the focus on reliability without sacrificing manageability, offering expansion without drastic alteration, that separates these manufacturers from many of the others.

Each has its own mid market and high end solutions, which helps in the process of developing new performance and reliability standards, which filters down to the server which will run SME business of tomorrow.