SMART BoardsThere is no doubt that the gap between Audio Visual and the IT community is diminishing at a fantastic rate, in that it is getting difficult to decide who drives what.  In fact one of our team recently referred to the market as AVC (Audio Visual Communications).

With the ever increasing growth of Interactive Technology in Education and Industry, the growth and market distribution of Digital Signage and, of course, Video Conferencing, there is a reliance on skills from both markets, which is where Computerworld Wales excels.

With more years than we care to remember working in the networking and communication fields, we bring a wealth of knowledge on how to connect devices to maximise their effective use.  When this is allied to the Audio Visual skills we have developed within the pre-sales consultancy and installation teams, there is little wonder we are one of the market leaders in this field.

SMART Boardinteractive technologies

Until recently it has been the Education market which been at the forefront in the installation and development of Interactive Technology, mainly through the installation of Interactive Whiteboards from the market leaders Smart and Promethean.  However, with a reduction in the cost of Plasma and LED screens, the market is broadening as the Corporate, SME and Emergency services are integrating these features into boardrooms and training facilities, to improve communications.

As technology has improved we are now seeing the new Multi Touch tabletops and whiteboards arriving, which has brought a whole new raft of usability to education.  When you add to this the continued reduction in cost of 3D technology with an increased availability of 3D applications, we foresee a new drive to take advantage of this technology.

One thing is for certain, these technologies are improving how we communicate in a learning environment.

digital signage

SupersignOnce the domain of the Corporate and Retail Sector, Digital Signage is continuing to impact on the way in which information is communicated.  Whether it’s in your local airport where it displays scheduling information, or in your High Street Department Store, the use of large screen displays to inform and advertise is pervasive.

With this tried and tested formula we are beginning to see widespread information displays in more and more schools and colleges, as well as other businesses where dynamic information needs to be displayed across a broader range of locations. 

Much of this increase is driven by the ever decreasing cost of display screens and projection systems, there s little wonder that such technology is being widely adopted.

video conferencing

What is Video Conferencing: the ability to communicate in real time with two or more people at different locations via video.

Video ConferencingPreviously we had only installed such solutions in Corporate and Public Sector , however, with solutions from the likes of LifeSize bringing the immersive telepresence experience to the board room, conference rooms, executive offices and remote workers, there has been a notable increase in its use and the subsequent productivity and collaboration while ensuring minimal business disruption when travel isn't an option.

Improved telecommunications and enhancements in video compression has enabled this service to become a real opportunity to better manage costs for companies large and small.  Why not do the maths and calculate how quickly you can expect an ROI on the amazing technology.